Client: IBM Corporation
Writer: Kevin O’Neill
Art Director: Jean Marcellino
Agency: Lord Geller Federico Einstein
Illustrator: Marvin Mattelson

Here’s another one of those ancient “market prep” ads informing the public that, believe it or not, an actual computer would soon be available to YOU, and also, believe it or not, it would fit on your very own desk! The soon-to-be Personal Computer was 19 1/2 inches in width. Kevin and I were delighted to observe that, if you took a real ruler and held it at the diagonal, it would almost make it onto a double-page-spread. Everyone knew that IBM was a very big company indeed, but it was now also a small computer company, as Kevin’s headline proclaims.

Awards: Art Director’s Award Best Campaign, Clio, Type Directors Club, Stephen Kelly, CA Annual, The One Show and more.